The lockdown imposed across the country caused close to 80% of vulnerable Nigerians to cut from their daily source of income. Millions of families are hungry and struggling to survive with no avenues of sustainment. Covid-19 Relief Nigeria will solicit food and domestic essentials from individuals and companies in Nigeria to feed one million families every day. Additionally, we will provide hot-meals and cold beverages daily to those on the frontlines such as medical staff at isolation centers, the servicemen and women on the streets ensuring the orders are enforced and those securing vulnerable shops.

Educational Support Input

Covid-19 Relief Nigeria provides educational materials for homeschooling and other non-classroom learning for all grade levels. This is extremely crucial amongst the students that attend government schools. Many of them do not have access to internet and/or even television to engage in lessons that are offered to private school students. We want to provide battery-operated radios and partner with radio stations that would allow teachers to teach these students via radio communications. These will be deployed to support parents to engage their children.             

Internet and call credit donations

This program provides the means to distribute call credits and internet data to the vulnerable masses. This will keep them in contact with not only their distant families and friend, but also with the news containing information on public awareness and safety.

Professional Counseling/Mental Health Services

We are seeking for professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, certified life coaches to volunteer their time to help set up an online network for people needing professional mental health help due to the emotional toll of the COVID-19 crisis. Sessions would be held over the phone or video chat. The initiative is the first move by an NGO in Nigeria to try to address the mental health consequences that have arisen from the COVID-19 crisis.

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Medical Supplies/Personal Protection Equipments (PPE’s)

Nigeria’s public healthcare system is still a work in progress. Therefore, medical supplies are greatly needed. We will solicit medical supplies and PPEs such as masks, face shields, hazmat suits, isolation gowns, latex gloves, googles, shoe covers, beds, and all necessary medical supplies to donate to isolation centers, the medical community, essential workers and the servicemen on the streets at checkpoints. We encourage the advance countries and those Nigerians in the Diaspora to make a donation and/or provide medical supplies to facilitate this effort.

Those on the front lines: We Support You!

The entire Covid 19 Relief Nigeria team extends heartfelt THANK YOU to the many first responders, essential workers, servicemen and medical staff standing in the front lines keeping us as healthy and safe as possible.