Covid 19 Relief Nigeria is an initiative established by the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), icfi.org


To provide a centralized rapid response to needy communities and persons affected by the current Covid-19 pandemic.                      


FEEDING 1 MILLION FAMILIES EVERY DAY The lock down imposed across the country caused close to 80% of vulnerable...


Covid 19 Relief Nigeria is an initiative established by the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), icfi.org designed as an instrument to collaborate and partner with Nigerian-based companies and Nigerian NGO’s to assist one of Africa’s greatest counties, Nigeria during this pandemic.

We are an online effort to answer the immediate needs of the poor, the less fortunate, and at-risk Nigerian families especially children. icfi.org guiding philosophy for Covid 19 Relief Nigeria is “all hands on deck because food is a necessity not a luxury”. We seek to pool all available resources both at home and in the diaspora to support the organized collective central efforts of the federal government to alleviate the effects of Covid 19 in Nigeria.

Current Challenges in Nigeria

On March 29th, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari ordered the halting of all movements across three of the most populated states: Lagos, Ogun and the capital, Abuja. Subsequently, other states began to implement lockdown measures to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

The strict lockdown caught many Nigerians by surprise limiting the citizens to stay in their homes. The adverse impact of the lockdown was aggravated by the fact that the conditions of the lockdown were stringent. With the lack of consistent power supply and constant running water, many Nigerians are concerned and crying out to the government for aid.

The days when people could shop for essential products were reduced to a few days. With the people’s trust in the government hoping for relief to mitigate the effects of not working after only a few days that tens of billions of Naira had already been shared to poor families. Yet, millions of families are still in distress, crying out due to extreme hunger. The effects of the lock down inhibited angry youth to pour into the streets across so many localities, burglarizing homes, damaging and setting properties on fire and confronting law enforcement. Additionally, the crime rate has sky-rocketed resulting in most neighborhoods organizing vigilante efforts in their self-help to prevent robbers from further terrorizing their communities.

Nigeria has a population of approximately 180 million people and almost 100 million people are living on less than $2 a day. Despite its vast resources, Nigeria ranks among the most unequal countries in the world, according to the UN. In Nigeria as well as most African countries, these mitigation methods that work in advanced countries simply do not work. The greater percentage of Nigerians are not able to remain indoors, many wake up as early as 3am to go out and work to earn just enough money to feed their families.

Mission Statement

1. To provide a centralized rapid response to needy communities and persons affected by the current Covid-19 pandemic.     

2. To support Government efforts in creating awareness and educating Nigerians on the best mitigation of Covid-19.

3. To create opportunities for Nigerians and other professionals to lend their expertise, knowledge and passion to needy Nigerians requiring emotional, mental and other forms of counseling at this difficult time.

4. To provide avenues on how to home-school students who attend government/ public schools. 

5. To seek assistance by partnering with Nigerian companies to provide resources to mitigate the effects of Covid-19.




The lockdown imposed across the country caused close to 80% of vulnerable Nigerians to cut from their daily source of income. Millions of families are hungry and struggling to survive with no avenues of sustainment. Covid-19 Relief Nigeria will solicit food and domestic essentials from individuals and companies in Nigeria to feed one million families every day. Additionally, we will provide hot-meals and cold beverages daily to those on the frontlines such as medical staff at isolation centers, the servicemen and women on the streets ensuring the orders are enforced and those securing vulnerable shops.

Professional Counseling/Mental Health Services

We are seeking for professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, certified life coaches to volunteer their time to help set up an online network for people needing professional mental health help due to the emotional toll of the COVID-19 crisis. Sessions would be held over the phone or on over video chat. The initiative is the first move by an NGO in Nigeria to try to address the mental health consequences that have arisen from the COVID-19 crisis.

Educational Support Input

Covid-19 Relief Nigeria provides educational materials for homeschooling and other non-classroom learning for all grade levels. This is extremely crucial amongst the students that attend government schools. Many of them do not have access to internet and/or even television to engage in lessons that are offered to private school students. We want to provide battery-operated radios and partner with radio stations that would allow teachers to teach these students via radio communications. These will be deployed to support parents to engage their children.             

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Internet and call credit donations

This program provides the means to distribute call credits and internet data to the vulnerable masses. This will keep them in contact with not only their distant families and friend, but also with the news containing information on public awareness and safety.                  

Medical Supplies/Personal Protection Equipments (PPE’s)

Nigeria’s public healthcare system is still a work in progress. Therefore, medical supplies are greatly needed. We will solicit medical supplies and PPEs such as masks, face shields, hazmat suits, isolation gowns, latex gloves, googles, shoe covers, beds, and all necessary medical supplies to donate to isolation centers, the medical community, essential workers and the servicemen on the streets at checkpoints. We encourage the advance countries and those Nigerians in the Diaspora to make a donation and/or provide medical supplies to facilitate this effort.

News & EVents

Food 360 Event

Providing hot meals to the poor families living outside in make-shifts homes within the Gamesvillage, Kaura area of the FCT.

Saturday and Sunday April 25th & 26th 2020 

From 12pm to 2pm

Contact Information

Phone: +1(903)484-4988 

Email: info@covid19reliefNigeria.org

Those on the front lines: We Support You!

The entire Covid 19 Relief Nigeria team extends heartfelt THANK YOU to the many first responders, essential workers, servicemen and medical staff standing in the front lines keeping us as healthy and safe as possible.